sustainable design strategies

Dane Arr Design is located in Tempe, Arizona.

Living with each other and nature and enjoying it.

In 1974 Dane began studying how to use information to provide user friendly, natural solutions for regular people who want to enjoy their lives and the natural world while being responsible environmentally and personally. To describe this he uses the term, responsive community values.

Those dreams we had but thought were impossible to realize are now within our reach. Travel, extended stays in places we never thought we could more than glimpse, relationships with people who share our values and interests, all of these are now possible for each of us, affordable from places we call home.

As you look over the site you will find solutions to your own needs, making the world an extended community allowing simultaneously privacy and the opportunity to extend understanding and enjoyment of what the world has to offer.

In 1977, these insights led to the formation of MetaCity Associates to develop high information content strategies for everyday life. You will see that this concept integrates many of the present concerns, including sustainability, into an approach that allows for personal choice and infinite variations in human needs.

This is like a store filled with ideas that you can use to make your own life more satisfying in ways you probably did not imagine would ever be possible.

You CAN live affordable, travel the world, have the support of friends and community who share your interests. You CAN know that you are secure, that your future is accounted for. You can do this when you are young, or you can wait until you are considering retirement.

The advance of technology made it possible for us to reach the Moon, while everything else was happening we also reached out to find a new vision of the community. Welcome home!


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