Astrology for Ascension

I hope you enjoy the simplified appearance of my website, which marks the beginning a new approach to my Astrological Consulting. For many years I have worked to establish the scientific basis of Astrology, and with this update I am embracing the role it will play in the raising of the frequencies of Earth. A scientific understanding that Astrology is real and how it works is the bedrock of our new science for Ascension. It is the personal proof we all need!


New Client Package

  • One Hour Reading using Zoom online conferencing with screen sharing
  • Natal Chart plus natal charts (sunrise) of two people involved with you
  • One year of transits to your Natal chart
  • Transit chart for the day of your reading

Relationship Consultation

  • One Hour Reading using Zoom online conferencing with screen sharing
  • Your Chart + two sunrise charts of your relationships

Consultation for Resolving a Situation

  • One Hour Reading using Zoom online conferencing with screen sharing
  • Your Chart + Three charts of events and three charts of relationships

Consultation for the Next Year

  • One Hour Reading using Zoom online conferencing with screen sharing
  • Your Chart + four Event Charts
  • Fifteen months of transits to your natal chart

These materials will be sent to you as PDF files before your reading.

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Decisions to help your Life

Astrology provides a new set of analytical tools to enable people to understand themselves, their family, friends and acquaintances, and the meaning of the daily changes in the movements of the planets and how it affects their relationships. The goal for your reading is to show you how your chart can be used to understand the cycles of personal growth, the monthly cycle of emphasis that you experience, and how to use it to make better decisions about your interactions with others.

  • Learn how to avoid common chart related problems
  • Learn when to expect good things and how to benefit from them
  • Learn how to change your relationships for the better
  • Learn how to emphasize your positive qualities

It will help you see the world as a group of resonant forces, an orchestra of consciousness. You and those you deal with are continually shifting as their spiritual evolvement goes through phases of change, moving through harmonies of relationships. Each person is gifted with their own set of instruments, the resonant bodies that surround them in the solar system at the time  of their birth.

You will find on this site a variety of articles, (see Recent Posts, on the right) from around the world about astrology and how people use it to live better.

If you are interested on how and why Astrology works, I have added a number of articles that discuss that as well as information addressing interesting viewpoints from Astrologers from all over the world.

Some information on this site is unique and seen only here. In particular is explanations about the source of astrology’s power and affect and the underlying physics that lift if from speculation to undisputed fact.

About Me

My career began in 1985 doing basic charts and interpreting them according to what was well accepted at that time.  I did not qualify my clients or tell them what to expect from my practice. At the end of this early phase I was helping people with their relationships, but the issue became more difficult when the clients thought it would be possible to find the perfect match from a database of charts. This is nonsensical to me now, but at the time I was getting a continual stream of inquiries from my clients about potential matches.

Eventually I examined the most successful relationships around me, particularly the ones that had really good charts together. What I found was they had met while pursuing a passion, sometimes it was while working toward a degree in something they truly loved, a hobby or sometimes volunteering for a cause they believed in.  What they all had in common was that they were doing something that they wanted to do, when they wanted to do it. These two are governed by transits to their charts, indicating that both of them had planetary positions in common that were activated at the same time.

This was a great lesson for me. The best astrological matchmaker is following your own passion. The people you meet when you are doing that will likely have a lot in common with you, and may become friends for life or even marriage partners. Astrology works, but it does not need an astrologer to be a huge factor in your life.  Knowing yourself and trusting your own feelings and intuition are the best advisers.

Knowing this has improved my practice since it gave me perspective on how value can be gained from astrology. I avoid predictive, because I believe people alter their behavior when they believe they know the future, which then changes their future. It is not a good idea to burden people with expectations that change their approach. Counseling them about their upcoming choices works better.

I do counsel people about the importance of making choices because of upcoming transits, and sometimes this preparation helps them adjust to opportunities and even allows them to embrace change with optimism. This is giving people notice about upcoming changes, not predictive. You will receive a one year long transit report with your Reading. This is meant to be used to allow you to get in tune with the flow of Astrological effects in your life.  Check it when changes are happening to understand what is driving them.