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Spheric Layers: Gravity Explained by the SCIET Dynamic

Spheric Layers are a Core Concept in SCIET Dynamics

It is an appropriately descriptive name, since Spheric Layers exist in relationship to the center that they surround, forming spheres of incoming information or energy continuously as a direct result of a change in position in space between the center they surround and a distant center with which they have always been in relationship. They record all changes between two points as layers inside of a sphere that surrounds a Point of Awareness.

The idea of a relationship between two points in space is not difficult to understand. What is more difficult is how this ongoing relationship generates layered spheres around each resonant point. 

The SCIET is an innovation in understanding the nature of the creation because it builds around the concepts of “black holes” and “event horizons”, ideas that were popularized by astrophysics to describe locations in space without visible light. To astronomers these locations were lightless locations, which they termed black holes in space. Thus named, they became an object of study for all astronomers.

Study showed that these locations did emit light, but that the light came from the surrounding area, which swirled around the regions that neither reflected light nor radiated any. Further study demonstrated that the band circling the dark area, the event horizon, became ever more active until it became part of the black hole effect, matter approaching this region disappeared into the center. The “black holes” possessed tremendous gravitational energy.

It has been theorized that they are formed as a result of gravitational attraction growing so strong at the center of fields of matter that its attraction would not allow light to escape, thus the “black hole” effect.

SCIET explains it differently.

In order to understand this difference, I need to begin with an explanation of space and the void. Space exists in the Void, carved out by the diffusion of energy from an ancient energetic intrusion into the formless and limitless Void. The intrusion distributed itself throughout the region defined by its reach, overlaying a pattern that defined ever smaller locations until its definition reach the size of the original intrusive value.

This action, the diffusion of the original  action throughout the region surrounding the intrusion had the effect of formatting the entire region, converting it into an immense web of locations with their own distinctive values(sciets). Each location contained the history of its descent from the original one to its present state, size and location. In so doing it allowed the continued existence of all its predecessor values, which continued to exist as hierarchical values above the smallest ones.

What is described above is the first two stages of creation, the third actually forms matter, and is the source of the spheric layers that surround all resonant points in space.

The important idea described above is that space contains values descended from the original one to the smallest, what we call the center of the proton. Because all of these values are related from their formation, they must all adapt to change simultaneously, or at least attempt to do so. This makes SPACE sticky, it adheres to itself though the effect of these hierarchical value levels all changing do to any movement.

Each point or level in this web of creation is a tiny black hole, one that is surrounded by a structure based on the same rules that create the Event Horizons of the Astronomers.  The main difference between them is their size and nature of what can exist at edge of the Void.

The Void is limitless and defining anything as existing in the Void evokes a continuing adjustment of what is attempting to exist in the Void. Although this sounds convoluted, it describes the dynamic of our creation. The original first action continues to attempt to be of the Void, but only the description of its efforts to become of the void can actually merge into the void through the process of the SCIET Dynamic.

The Event Horizons of the smallest parts of the void within space are created by each Void point as they react to one another. This situation is the result of their limitless nature, in that they can only be aware of themselves, and so their interaction within the intrusion is limited to defining their presence within the formatting of space, essentially the points are withdrawing from the intrusion. This act of withdrawal leaves a faint track, a slightly different value at equidistant location around the point.

These nascent Event Horizon values, the faint tracks, are the most efficient way for the intrusion to exist with the Void. They describe a condition of withdrawal from contact, a situation that leads to the SCIET Dynamic, which is an isotope of these withdrawing values, and each point is defined as a set involved in a harmonic of withdrawing values surrounded by the Event horizon effects equidistantly spaced around them.

Everything that exists in space is made of these Event Horizon values, which exist hierarchically throughout the creation.

The above image of an Iron molecules nucleus was created using a radiation microscope clearly showing the Spheric Layers created by the ongoing reactions of the center point to center point reactions stimulated by the the continuous resonance along the SCIET lines between their centers.

The original formation of matter is based on an expression of resonance between the descending values of the first action and the original intrusion into the Void. When the descending values reached the same level as the original intrusion a means for them to equalized was created and the midpoint between them formed a new SCIET Value that was harmonic to both of them, and this harmonic resonated on a line directly between them. This harmonic value could not and cannot match the center value of each resonating point, so the returning value resonates to those ranges surrounding the center one at a time and as they do they move through the surrounding levels until they are parallel to their incoming direction, in effect they begin to orbit the center as an expression of the entire incoming SCIET, but spread out as a sequence of layers in relationship

SCIETorbital Layer Resonance and Dominance

Attraction between bodies in space is the cornerstone of physics. Newton’s breakthrough was to calculate from the center of the planet rather than the surface. After that insight it was possible to calculate the relationships between the heavenly bodies with predictable accuracy.

Einstein proposed that gravity distorts the space around objects like bowling balls on a mattress, but his approach only addresses massive objects. However, we can be assured that if it is true in the macro sense, then it is true in the micro sense also, meaning that according to Einstein, matter distorts space at the molecular level too. Quantum Mechanics measures the motion of particles, even to the degree that those particles disappear and then reappear in a different spot. Now that is distorting space.

In spite of these great insights, gravity is accepted and relied upon by science and technology for all physical functions without much concern that we do not know exactly how it works.

SCIET Dynamics can supply a conceptual explanation.

SCIET Dynamics conceptualizes gravity as the resonance of the SCIETorbital layers between two bodies, with the larger body gradually causing the smaller body to resonate with it. Since all bodies are already in resonance the change in the smaller body registers as disonance with other bodies. This means that gravity has both push and pull components.


Gravity is not mysterious to SCIET Theory because the SCIET explains how change in space is recorded through the definition of center to center relationships based on the quality of space that SCIET Theory calls the SCIETorbital lattice, in conjunction with the SCIETline of the Infinitesimal Substrate

Gravity is simply one aspect of the SCIETorbital resonance as objects move in proximity to one another.

For more information on how SCIET Dynamics explains the effects of gravity see how the Pyramid resonant shape interacts with the Earth’s layers to create the high resonance at the axis of the structure. It is the effect of gravity compounded by the shape of structures on the Earth.

Phi Pyramid Scheme

The Great  Pyramid of Giza was constructed for soul travel and interstellar astral communication The Great Pyramid is Phi and Pi Resonant in order to be used as a communications tool.

The Pyramids of Egypt have defied explanation for thousands of years. Today’s Egyptologists are convinced that the Pyramid complex at Giza was built  forty-six hundred years ago by the Pharaoh Khufu….well, repaired anyway.

That may be true, but what remains to be determined is its purpose. While the tombs of the Valley of kings have distinct designs clearly indicating that they were built as burial chambers, the Great Pyramid does not. 

After reading Christopher Dunne’s book I am convinced that it is not a tomb, but a kind of “resonance energy machine” . But I think that Dunne has missed the real purpose of the Pyramid as well. It is not a power plant. At least not a power plant to power things, not lights, not tools, not any kind of labor saving device to make life easier at all. It is a device to power the spirit.

SCIET Dynamics offers some special insights on how the Great Pyramid would work and what purpose it would serve. According to this analysis, it is a scalar field generator/amplifier designed to interact with the Earth’s field for a variety of effects. One of which would be to be used as an interstellar communications device. 

In SCIET Dynamics Phi resonance is associated with life and growth, giving importance to the Phi angle of 51º51′ and to its compounded edge of 42º, defining two resonant edges, an incoming center resonance based on the Phi slope and an outgoing resonance of 42 degrees from the corner edge.

Understanding how it functions requires us to examine the concept of mass and shape and how the interactions with the earth’s fields, both magnetic and gravitational would affect consciousness.

The Pyramid of Giza is carefully constructed to do its job of creating a proper resonance frequency for soul travel and interstellar astral communication.

The size would have much to do with its ability to tune the proper resonant frequency .

At 470+ feet, the Pyramid is not just large, it is break-the-bank HUGE. So big that there must have been more than a Pharaohs ego to decide on it’s size.

The idea of creating an ability to focus the gravitational effect of the earth, to build a sort of resonator to amplify and control it, and then wait for the exact right moment for a certain star to be directly overhead would require an extraordinary knowledge of things that we have difficulty even imagining.

But according to SCIET Dynamics that is what it was for and that is what they did. It provides unique insights on how the perfectly aligned sides with their tapered sides interact with the planets gravity layers. 

Christopher Dunn built a great case for the Pyramid being a tunable resonator, but he did not talk about how it works with gravity.  

The upper view shows the Pyramid from the top down. The descending edges are aligned with the equatorial circumference so that the incline creates a steadily enlarging enclosure. In SCIET Theory, this would increase the magnitude of the effect.

The Corner illustration shows the Giza Pyramid in profile looking straight at a corner, from this angle we view the widest appearance, with the 51°51″ sides compounded to about 42 degrees to produce the effect above. What we are looking at is a SCIETsphere system that nests around the entire structure. The SCIETorbital capacitance spheres (SCIETspheres) are created by the interaction of the earth’s gravity with the aligned mass of the pyramid. Alignment to magnetic north would prevent lines of force from creating disturbances to the subtle fields being focused.

The Side angle is 51º51′ which is the Phi angle meaning that the corners are compounded Phi and enable a complete enclosure of the structure by SCIET spheres in a specific though gradual increase due to the accelleration of gravity as illustrated in the Corner view.. 

Obviously, this illustration is not a scientific analysis, but it is interesting to see that the top of the spheres are above the point of the Pyramid, in effect surrounding it like a halo. Look at the effect below the plateau’s surface, there is a temendous effect underneath the Pyramid.

Ancient stories tell of tunnels and chambers below the Pyramid, supposedly for living quarters to house the people who built and used it for spiritual purposes. 

Maybe the Egyptians will look for them someday. We may know soon.

DMA April 2002

The pyramid shape interacts with the gravitational
field to create a hyper frequency generator

The pyramid angle enables the corner edges to activate a spherical plane based on the  horizontal layers of the Earth’s Spacimetric Field. The end result of this combination is a column of hyper-frequency space at the center of the pyramid.  The steady enlargement of the interactive plane creates a descending series of nested spheres. Each sphere is the result of an interaction with the center of the earth and the mass of material occupying an earth gravity layer or plane of the planetary Spacimetric field.

Great Pyramid of Ghiza

The creation of nested spheres must have some special rules if the Great Pyramid is the best example. For instance the most obvious way to create nestd spheres, if that were their only intention, would be to use a forty-five degree angle for the edge angle.

The Pyramid uses a 51°51′ slope for some good reason. It cannot use the idea illustrated on the right because the formation of the spheres relies upon the exact elevation of the edges in relationship with the earth’s planetary fields. Using the illustration on the right we can see two views that highlight the issue. The upper view shows the steady enlargement of the spheres while the lower one demonstrates two ideas that apply here. The first is the idea that the top most level of the pyramid creates a convergence of all the nested gravity spheres because they all share it at the fusion of the upper polarity

The second idea shown in the bottom view is that the lowered apex forces the nested spheres to specific convergence more like a lens created by the slighly flattened sphere.

In combination these ideas suggest that the apex crystal was able to establish a hyper frequency field that was amplified by the entire pyramid.

When you add these ideas to the work of Donne and Petrie it becomes more obvious than ever that the Great Pyramid of Ghiza is a planetary hyper frequency resonator tuned to its exact location on the planet through material proportion and position. Donne’s work shows that the interior passages allowed chemical energy in the form of electricity, gases and fluids to be managed for some purposes related to resonance.

Considering the notion that the apex had such an important role in the overall function of the Pyramid it must have the focus of technological innovation. It is possible that they had numerous special purpose apex crystals in addition to the standard environmental effects.

When in operation the pyramid must have greatly strengthened the hyper frequency effects not only at its vertical axis but through the earth gravity layers that surround and power it.

Present day archeology in Egypt and throughout the world is too behoden to political power to consider any explanation not consistent with the status quo. However, by this analysis it seems probable that the Great Pyramid is an artifact of a civilization with a profound mastery of nature, not just of the Nile valley but of the Earth and stars also.

Why they built it will only be known when we too have such a grasp of nature.

Dane Arr
June 18, 2006

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Astrology: The Resonance of Points of Awareness

Astrology: The Resonance of Points of Awareness

The fact that Astrology has survived as part of all cultures attests to its reality. In today’s Western culture of Objective Materialism it has persevered because it provides demonstrable benefits to its practitioners. What experimental science has taught us is that material bodies have a limited reach with the forces they possess, so it is only logical to expect that there must be immaterial forces that exist within the material objects, and this is what my research into possible answers led me into. Astrology works because every object has an immaterial center that is in resonance with all other immaterial centers. How this actually works is explained by SCIET Dynamics, a theory developed over more than forty years examining a spiritual download in 1974.

This graphic illustrates the Points of Awareness within solar system bodies as being surrounded by resonance memory spheres that store memories of change in position between these moving bodies. Change in position causes these memory spheres to resonate and affect the individuals own body frequency, stimulating shifts in perceptions and attitudes.

The lens of science concludes Astrology cannot be real, but because it works, many decide that it must be because of archetypes or the placebo effect. Archetypes remain the dominant excuse for its achievements, but this rests on the work of Jung and his followers during the last hundred years. Their work is rooted in deep psycho analysis of ever-present  ideas within every individual, and it is this deeply rooted self-identity, referred to as the Ego is a component of both Astrology and Psychoanalysis, as it the Will and the Subconscious. Concepts of mother and father, drives for love, aggression, social dominance and mystery are also present in both. In fact, astrology deals with the subconscious using the Moon, which aggregates the information without the conscious minds awareness, then serves as a warehouse of ready information based upon the aspects of all the planets in the horoscope.   So the ideas of Astrology are integrated in Jung’s psychoanalytic techniques, but explained as the product of a different set of forces.

For me, using a catchall terms like Archetypes is absurd, speaking as though it is magic with no basis in our world of cause and effect. When I began my inquiry into astrology it was in the context of physics, and my questions were related to the existence of energetic qualities that could not be detected by our current scientific instruments. My guiding reference was what science could demonstrate about consciousness, which was remarkably little.

After all, if so little is known about how we had the power of thought in all its ranges, then how can science declare that Astrology has no merit?  The series of questions was part of a much larger search within my personal journey of discovery, which was focused on the existence of the Soul. I had taken this quest to be my life’s work as I searched for a direction for my college education. This had coalesced one day when it  occurred to me that there had to be a way for “energy” to stand still, as opposed to radiating away from its point of origin at the speed of light.  This realization became my focus as I began my studies.

The first major impact of this realization was a sudden belief in the existence of discarnate beings and non corporeal entities of all sorts. Soon after this blooming awareness began I was motivated to walk into a bookstore because I had about ten minutes before I was expected at my next appointment. Only a few steps into the store and I stopped to examine a newly published volume, Seth Speaks. It claimed to be the channeled testimony of an ancient being, who had lived many times on Earth. It was  just what I was looking for, a non-corporeal entity explaining how it worked. Little did I know that this volume would be regarded as one of the most profound channeled works of all time. It has the same tenor of speech and presence as a later channeled work, the Law of One, the Ra Material. The two books seemed to address personal and social reality, each from a very deep perspective.  As soon as read a few pages of the Law of One, (from a different channel, ten years later) I felt it was the same entity speaking.

The purpose of the discarnate being was to explain how we create our own reality and so it revolved around each person being at the center of their own creation. It was as if the entity Seth was speaking directly to my question, telling me how to understand “energy standing still” as a personal experience.

I read Seth Speaks everyday for four months, sometimes taking an entire day absorb a single page of a session of questions and answers from the the entity, Seth. I was seeking to understand reality from an immaterial being who could interact with the material world. and this was what I had been looking for. I received every idea in the context of my central question, “How can energy stand still?”.

It is safe to say the my world of logical assumptions was already turned topsy turvy by the realization the their had to be a way for this to work, so the deep questioning I brought to the work, Seth Speaks, by Jane Roberts was rewarded with an incredible absorption of knowledge. The totality of it was not really known to me, but later it seemed to surge from my mind fully integrated as a “download” of energetic information, with the incredible buzzing of a lower leg from oxygen deprivation, (my leg went to sleep) becoming the tool with which to make sense of how energy could stand still. Literally the moment I asked if the buzzing was Chi, I could suddenly see the energy patterns around me, responding to my thoughts and every question was answered in a new language of understanding that had no parallel in my experience. It lasted twenty minutes and afterword I retained the pattern within my awareness, and I later realized that it was attached to my “C” fiber senses, specialized nerves in our skin that detect vibration. I could not exactly think with it, but anything I thought about could be compared to that retained pattern. It became a tool for me to examine any incoming information for its “fit” to this higher truth within me.

Astrology became important to me after that. It was based on the resonance between energetic bodies, and was totally harmonious to the “template”, but understanding exactly how would take another twenty years of comparing almost everything I mentally explored with the “template”.

Energetic Astrology treats everything around us as being “line of sight” resonant with us. By “us”, I mean all our energetic components, every level of frequency within us, even our soul memories going back hundreds of thousands of years. This form of energetic analysis assumes that before molecules existed, there was a preexisting state of individuation already in place that gave each and every point in space its own energetic identity, and that the last step of this individuation was to match the vibration of the originating source, a process that was the beginning of materiality and the storing of memory of relationship in space and time.

Our physical bodies are thus part of the second creation, coming after the resonance of space with itself, which is the fabric of space and the source of memory and mind.  The resonance of space with itself continues relentlessly, while the resonance of the material creation proceeds on its own parallel track, with the resonance of space continuing to occur within materiality, each molecule occupied at its center with the same original immaterial infinite resonant point that it began with an the moment of creation.

Eventually I saw my work, SCIET Dynamics, as a General Theory of the Fabric of Space, explaining how our Universe was created by the resonance of space with itself, generating evermore complex structures using the simple laws with which it had begun. Sharing that knowledge has been extremely difficult, It seems to operate almost the opposite of what people think, the ideas of an expanding universe turned on its head, for the Universe created by the resonance of space with itself is one of compression toward the center of each resonant infinite point. Instead of an expanding Universe we live in one where the separation of the original resonant points is continual as they seek to achieve the same resonance with one another, drawn relentlessly together in ever greater clusters from their origins as individuated points equally spaced throughout the creation.

The General Theory of the Fabric of Space has its greatest teaching tool in the study of Energetic Astrology. It is within this paradigm that the mind becomes a working laboratory for each individual, a way to use personal experience to test the Theory against the daily reality of events and relationships.

Science’ greatest theoretician, Nicola Tesla is famous for his quote, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”, and it is within the study of of his insights that the impact of the interaction of frequencies has attained its greatest benefit.

The Theory of the Fabric of Space provides a blue print for frequency to exist stationary to its environment. It continues to exist as frequency, its stored energy focused in spheres of memory nested one within the other, overlaid like a series of moments continually streamed one upon the other. Each of these memory spheres is accessible with a frequency with which it will resonate. The entire creation is made of memory from the first nascent molecules to the complex galaxies spinning in space. Souls are the witnesses to the creation, evolving within the fabric of space independently of matters but dependent on it for the creation of the experiences recorded within each Soul.

Energetic Astrology is the key to accessing the logical structure of Creation, for it enable one to connect with the self in the process of its own creation of reality. For within each of us is a record of all that is, and all that happened in the Creation.

Energetic Astrology as a Practice

Each person is in resonance with all that is. This resonance is the basis of their existence and the stored values of each incarnation are amplified in reaction to the non-material frequencies of the planets and bodies that have been present during their many incarnations.  This includes the other souls that have been present with them during their evolution too. Remember that frequencies resonate to other frequencies that match them and when two souls have shared an existence together they retain the overall frequencies of that time within them.

At this point in this article it should be obvious that planets and all other heavenly bodies possess within them the energetic qualities of the Soul and that each incarnate soul is reactive to the inner being or soul of all the bodies in a solar system.  The star, our sun, is the dominant frequency around which all the planets orbit and it has a soul frequency as well.  Here I am saying that our solar system is conscious and that each evolving soul is in continous communication with all of the bodies in the Solar System.

These great bodies exist with each of us as resonant frequencies like frequency domains within a sphere, and all our other stored memories exist within the complex of these great resonances. It is for these reasons that the moment of our birth weighs so heavily on our personalities, for until we separate from the womb, these frequencies are intercepted by the body of the mother. In the context of modern analogies, the moment of birth is like your own memory resonance operating system.

Energetic Astrology treats all incoming information as being continually reduced toward the center where it eventually reaches a state of such high frequency that it no longer relates to the material world from which it came, except through the continuous thread of its own origins.

Belief is the key to unlocking this knowledge, for you must believe it is there to drive your inner-self to connect with it. Belief is the energetic tool that brings you to the door of  the sealed vaults of time within the self and expectation is the energetic tool that draws out what is within.

To be continued…

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Understanding Etheric Evolution

Understanding Etheric Evolution

Understanding the Etheric Evolution Chart

A key concept of Etheric Energetics is called Frequency Potential Levels. This concept is used in electronics when a conductor transfers electrical potential from one location to another. That’s right, it is a way of referring to the conduction of a frequency and the medium that is doing the conducting.

The key to understanding their importance is that four of them have evolved from the first one, and the last one represents the next stage of evolution after Awareness, the first Frequency Potential Level, in which intention and energy were released (more on this in the “Creator”) and that energy and intention was immediately distributed throughout the defined area which we now call the “Visible Universe”, which became the Creation Substance.  Literally within minutes and seconds that intention and energy began to interact with entry point value and resonate, an event that created the second Frequency Potential Level.  Since these points were evenly distributed throughout the defined area, rather than a “big bang”, what happened was a “big precipitation” as the resonating points began to form spheres that surrounded the points leading to the second Unitary Value, or individuation.

The above paragraph skims over the the beginning of the creation in order to give it a concept of sequence within a set of sequenced events, but remember that the Awareness is unlimited and to create a universe, the first thing is to create limitation, to create a container for change to evolve within. The creation substance is made of the distributed energy released by the first action, which may be compared to a bolt of lightening reaching across the vastness of primeval space.  More than that, the first action is leveraged to become the source of natural law, since it is the one fixed point upon which all actions in the creation can measure from.

After the “big precipitation” began, the resonance between the original void points at the center of each nascent proton was joined by the adjustment in space to the change of position by these protons with one another, which we now call electromagnetic radiation.  This means that each proton has two resonances, one that is based on the internal center and another which is based on the unit of space defined by the spherical cocoon of information. (see below) which are the basis of the first and second Unitary Values


In the chart below I have listed six different Frequency Potential Levels:

Frequency Potentials lead to Unitary Values when they are stimulated to change. The Unitary Value is a the product of a transition event, and then becomes a new floor for further growth. The new stage includes all the previous stages as part of their makeup.

Expanding on the Nature of the Frequency Potential Levels

Think of a Frequency Potential Level as a range of frequency that exists in the Universe which is harmonious within itself, but can only interact with that which is outside itself in very specific ways. In this way, what is in the Void can only interact with other values through its own byproducts, in this case what is referred to here as the isotope of tetrahedral values, a situation created by the extremely unstable nature of the tetrahedral “bubbles” that are here and gone.

The void exists within the center of all objects, wrapped in a cocoon of orbiting etheric information that has been streaming inward since its beginning. The spherical cocoon of information gave rise to an entire new set of frequencies that are based on the spherical shells created by the orbiting etheric information which uses a set of frequencies that are much faster than those created by the spherical shells.

The above image was created using a radiation microscope. It is an Iron Nuclei and show clearly the Spheric Layers created by the ongoing reactions of the center point to center point reactions stimulated by the the continuous resonance along the SCIET lines between their centers.

The shells are the surface of protons and continue to accumulate with every passing moment. The interactions between proton shells give rise to electrons and as the protons increase their surrounding shells due to the actions of their central connection to the Void, the proton interacts with other protons until a web of complex forces begin to influence the space around them. With the ongoing accumulations of spherical memory shells the protons interact and resonate, slowly achieving similar resonant frequencies and with that attract one another until they form masses, gradually becoming great clouds of free floating protons with associated electrons around them, eventually gathering enough density to stimulate friction and electrical charges to drive more dynamic effects.

The proton shells become their own Frequency Potential Level

Description of the Frequency Potential Levels

The Void or as it should properly be known, the Awareness, which is unlimited in its capacity but necessarily has a value when dealing with the presence of consciousness or a creator.

So the first Frequency Potential Level is the Unlimited Awareness (Void) and its ability to accept the formatting of the First Action. It is the highest frequency in existence.

The role of the creator within the Unlimited Awareness is to define limitation in the Unlimited Awareness, first by Being in it and them by establishing a range of presence, in effect the effort to understand where and how its being is present. This act of definition is often called the Word in the Bible or in science the Big Bang. It is the  first act of creation, and in Etheric Energetics it is a singular value initially expressed from the center to the edge and which then fractionally defuses throughout the entire space surrounding the center defined by the first radial expression. This process has the effect of giving each space within the volume a unique address relative to the first action, including time, location, energy and frequency.   This represents the first Frequency Potential Level.

In concept this act of definition is similar to formatting a magnetic hard drive to create addresses for each part of the drive, so it is useful to consider that space is itself a recording medium.

The first action is an act of self awareness, and until the entirety of the volume is identified, no reaction to other can take place. In other words, the first action initiates a continuous subdivision until it reaches the values established at the center from which the first action emanates. Upon reaching the center value, the subdivision encounters a match, or another values that is the same as itself, triggering a resonance response. This is the first occurrence of resonance in the nascent creation and represents the first Unitary Value, the concept of identity or individuated particle in space.

Another useful idea from computing is to observe the difference between a bit and a byte, in the ideas being discussed here the smallest unit or bit is actually a here and gone bubble commonly thought of as a quantum unit, but we will think of it as a tetrahedral pulse that exists for a quantum unit and then disappears. The bit then is a tetrahedral energetic pulse that is provoked by the existence of a difference at its level. The byte is an isotope of these tetrahedral bits arranged so that the impulse to disappear is balanced by a group action around a shared center point. It requires multiple tetrahedral bits to balance and a fully stable unit has twenty arranged in opposition to one another.  Once formed in space this becomes the dominant form of energetic expression within the primary domain, or the defined space.

Like interacts with Like is a rule taken from the study of frequency and commonly experienced when tuning an old crystal radio. As the reception is adjusted the tuner locks on to radio signals that match the frequency of the tuner. This is generalized to be a fundamental rule of interactions in space. It is pivotal to understanding the creation of bytes from bits in space. The tetrahedral bit is actually a reaction by a tiny “black hole” to the defined space of the first action, and as such can only interact with others that are like it. The tiny black hole can only relate to other tiny black holes, but in fact its relationships are based on the disturbance it creates as it pops into and out of the defined space since by definition, something in the void cannot, interact because it is VOID, so this leaves the four legs of interaction within the defined space as the sole quality able to interact and form the isotopic bytes. The isotopic byte is constructed of  the interactions of the four tetrahedral legs with one another and in this way they create a new level of frequency based entirely upon the disturbance in space created by this interaction between the tetrahedral legs, which then can be seen as twelve corridors of value branching away from their shared center. These twelve corridors are the basis of Etheric Evolution.  They establish the basis of interaction between other isotopes and are the energetic expression when resonance begins.

The existence of the tetrahedral bits and the isotopic bytes is pivotal to understanding the conversion of the descended subdivision’s match which begins resonance and the formation of memory spheres, or the first nascent protons.

What actually descends by subdivision from the first action is increasingly smaller, faster bytes, which are actually assemblies of twenty tetrahedral energetic structures, structures that are stimulated into existence when space needs to define any point related to the subdivision of larger expressions or bytes. The arrival by subdivision of the First Action at the level of the original center establishes a Match and begins Resonance between the two isotopic structures, basically causing them to define a common frequency to allow them to adjust to one another’s presence and account for any changes between them. Once begun, the resonance continues indefinitely.

Every Isotopic Byte is a Prime Number that requires a natural common denominator in order to interact with other Isotopic Bytes. The algorithm for this is handed down to us from antiquity from Pythagoras, the man responsible for the Music of the Spheres, although it is given as a prosaic solution for a geometry problem. In our situation the algorithm is useful to find the shared value between two prime number isotopes and which in turn created a new isotopic value that is harmonic to both. This harmonic changes as the two isotopes adjust to shifting positions or influences from other forms in space, and this change is communicated in both directions from its point of origin between them toward the center of the isotopic “black hole”.

The change, called the sciet orbital effect, is communicated as a continuous feed of twelve corridor values toward the center, but when it arrives at the center it only a small portion can actually be reduced into the center at the value it arrives as, and the larger values span the center and are streamed into a permanent orbital path around the center (see illustration). This action is fundamental to all etheric interactions in space, and is the basis of memory  and the formation of matter in space.


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