Etheric Astrology Special Reading

Etheric Astrology is what you need. Confidence depends of performance, but having the confidence to apply the knowledge before it can perform requires that it fit within the larger framework of reality that you already use to manage your life.

The Special Reading is designed to provide you with an open session to ask any question that may be answered by Astrology. It requires less preparation because I can use multiple programs simultaneously to quickly research your questions. I only need your date and time of birth. It is less expensive than the regular reading, just $75.00 to find out everything you need to know. Use the form below

Special Reading

Use this form to order a one hour Special Reading. This type of Reading is to address situations or questions regarding relationships, events or decisions about upcoming choices whether about work, friends, family or travel.
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A great effort has been taken to establish an understanding of SCIET Etheric Astrology’s power, origins and limitations.

Etheric Astrology is part of a larger body of work now referred to as the Etheric Physics, it is the result of a download from source that has taking more than forty years to synthesize into a teachable system to help humanity integrate the Etheric Reality with the physical one. Etheric Astrology builds on an understanding of the source of the etheric forces within the universe, and based on the interactions between the etheric body that animates the physical body, and the etheric bodies within the planets and other astronomical bodies that surround us.

For more information about Energetic Astrology go to the Dane Arr Etheric Astrology page.

Etheric Astrology is scientific, based on mathematical concepts about the universe while it validates the traditional beliefs of those familiar with Astrology today.  As you must already know, conventional science contends that Astrology cannot be true, not because they have investigated it, but because it contradicts their assertions about action at distance, according to which, astrology should not be possible.

This is one of the main reason why I have dedicated so much of my life to creating an understanding about how it does actually work.  This is now being discussed in a series of Webinars and as the basis of Astrological insight and the basis of all of nature as well.

You only need to know that it does work to get the benefits of it. Use this link to go to the Astrology Reading Order page and I can help you use it to simplify your life and accomplish your personal goals!

Dane Arr