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Learn the Visualizable Etheric Physics designed by a Pleiades Star Seed to aid Humanity’s Ascension. Etheric Physics begins with a profound perception of the Creator and the Awareness that permeates the universe, the first action and the resulting formation of spacetime, the individualized consciousness that is within it and etheric evolution of matter. Once matter and electro-magnetics exist conventional science can be used to authenticate this approach to the Creation.

Today the best and brightest of Earth have been taught that there are no higher dimensions, no afterlife, no connections to Source, no Soul. This is by design, those at the top of the organizations responsible for teaching have been carefully selected to exclude inner knowing from acceptable thinking. Only that which supports the desired narrative is allowed.

This image displays the sixth Sacred Solid. the Dodecahedron inside of the fifth Sacred Solid, the Icosahedron. This mathematical reality is consistent with the higher frequencies being within the lower frequencies.

With over 43% of adults worldwide considered educated, how many brilliant men and women educated in colleges do not believe, only doubt. The power of belief, its ability to connect to the higher forces, to Source, is beyond them. They can only accept what is told to them and shown to them in well-footnoted publications.

SCIET Dynamics is for them. Not as I will teach it in the Webinar, but in a digital modeling application to be created when sufficient resources are available. What I can teach you in a webinar will not be understood by them without giving them the ability to create digital models of what you will be able to see in your mind without technology.

I will introduce you to the three main mathematical innovations from which Etheric Physics emerges. The first one, the Harmonic Reduction Algorithm reduces incoming information from all directions toward a center point of awareness that is less than a millionth of its original value. And then it begins again until the information is at the level of the intrusion.

The second innovation, the Resonant Return addresses what happens when the original reduced information reaches the existing minimum size level, when it meets for the first time another value that is like it, and begins to resonate with it. It creates a common denominator value that returns to both.

The third innovation, the Orbital Return, is what happens when the resonant common denominator value arrives at the Point of Awareness, which is where it becomes a permanent memory orbiting the center endlessly. These three innovations provide the basis for the creation of the Ether that surrounds the Points of Awareness in all systems. Etheric Physics is based on these innovations, which then lead to numerous others throughout the creation.

Orbital Return Values create memory shells, layers and lattice around every Point of Awareness in every size range, It is these that fill space and are regarded as the Ether.

The SCIET is a means to understand the Creation as it exists in all its multiple dimensions and stages of creation. It is the same information as is given by Source to all who ask and believe they can receive it.

I meet many who know, but all knowledge is faceted and so much depends on the facet through which we enter the crystalline realty. When Source answers our questions, we are given access to all knowledge, but our questions guide what we receive. I wanted to prove and explain the Soul and that is the knowledge I was given. What I learned in twenty minutes has taken forty years to make into a teachable system that can show us what cannot be seen with our eyes, but can be seen with our minds. The success of this system will be seen when it seems obvious rather than arcane.

The Soul exists before atoms, molecules or any materiality, so no descriptive math originating from the examination of those can describe it. But all of materiality rooted in the principles of that underlie what is invisible and the Soul most of all.

This Webinar Series is designed to give you simple tools to understand how this is true. Simple ideas compounded to such incredible degrees that only true Knowing can render it understandable in its complexity. If I have succeeded in this long effort, what you learn will seem like common sense and many will feel it is something they already know, that they have heard elsewhere.

We are star seeds, we already know the truth of the creation, but sharing it with others who need to knows is not easy. The SCIET Webinars are meant to provide the means to do so.

Below are listed the Etheric Physics Webinars scheduled for June 29 through December 7, 2019
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The Secrets to Higher Consciousness, the Elements of Life is the topic of our first Webinar and it is meant to demonstrate the power of these ideas by explaining in simple terms the much storied existence of Tachyons, the Philosopher’s Stone, White Powder of Gold and the power of Chi Gong. We will touch on how these impact the existence of life and the ability survive death as an immortal being.

Date: June 29, 2019 at 11 AM PST

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The topic of how the Point of Awareness can enable you to influence planet-wide conditions, and affect situations from the inside out is the objective of this Webinar. The Soul, the Nervous System, Meditation, Grid Work and all efforts to project intention and energize prayer are done with the Point of Awareness that is your connection to the source of the universe.

Date: August 24, 2019 at 11 AM PST

Astrology is the topic of another Webinar, and you will learn how it is based on the concept of a Point of Awareness that exists at the center of all objects and beings. In SCIET Etheric Physics this concept is basic to all materiality and explains astrology effortlessly.

Date: September 21, 2019 at 11 AM PST

Past Lives and the accumulated knowledge of the planet locked into the layers of memory that surround it are explored in this Webinar

Date: October 19, 2019 at 11 AM PDT

The puzzle of the Pyramids and the power of Form Resonance that they wield over matter and the energies that bind it all together are the subject of this Webinar.

Date: November 2, 2019 at 11 AM PDT

The SCIET Functional Cosmology explains how the SCIET underlies every aspect of the Creation from the First Action to the present. This Etheric Physics Webinar is pivotal to understanding how the SCIET works

Date: December 7, 2019 at 11 AM PDT

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All six Webinars are 270.00

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Shown above is the Midpoint Resonance Return process. A key idea is that the common denominator value being sent to each of the Points of Awareness is neutral or non-interactive .